The Dog Days of Summer

Sunday, July 10, 2011

All’s been quiet on the blog-sphere, at least for me. I guess that my plan of updating the blog every week was a little ambitious. A lot of things have been going on lately, and between selling a house, building a new one, finding a new daycare and another job, my mind and time have been occupied.
So here’s the plan. As I have joined the luvinthemommyhood summer sweater knit-along, I’ll be posting about my progress. Because this is one project I will not give up on. It’s my first KAL ever, it’s my first real project for myself, so this is something I will see through. Following the progress of my fellow KAL participants, I cannot help but freak out when I see that some have already finished a sweater, and starting on a second one!!! Talk about motivation!
In parting, let me share some summer-feelings with you. I cannot believe we are already in July. I always panic when I realize how fast the summer is passing. It is my favorite season; I can never get enough of lazy afternoons, spent in the shade, with a good book or an interesting knitting project, enjoying a nice breeze, while bees are buzzing around and kids splashing in the pool, laughing and squealing with delight. I love packing up a blanket and a picnic basket, finding a cool spot to lie down, looking up at the leaves and seeing the sunshine peek through. These images, these thoughts are what gets me through our long, cold (did I mention long?) winters.
So keeping this in mind, can you blame me for slacking off on my knitting???