Getting back into the swing of things

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life is strange. After trying for months to make changes in my life, to get things onto a positive track, and feeling trapped, like I was hitting a wall, it seems my persistence has paid off.

Not only did we manage to sell our old place, and move, but I have finally found another job, and will be starting my new role in a couple of weeks..

So now that it all seems to be falling into place, I can focus on my knitting again. It feels like ages since I've picked up the needles! And I never got a chance to blog about finishing my Effortless Cardigan. It's a great sweater, a pattern that I've wanted to knit forever, and of course it did not disappoint. None of Hannah Fettig's patterns do! I debated for a long time what yarn to use, and when I saw the Classic Elite Moorland on sale at Webs, it struck me as a good choice.

And it is .... in a way. Because mohair sheds, so I tend t leave a trail wherever I go. You can tell what chair I've  been sitting in, or what coat I've worn. Also, and this I am not sure is due to the mohair, I've got quite significant pilling where my watch and purse rub against the sweater. Bit I still like the yarn, it's great to work with, I maybe chose the wrong project for it.

Make no mistake, I'm still proudly wearing my sweater, but it just goes to show you that I still have lots to learn about pairing yarn and projects.

Now let me share some shots I got of the Effortless. We had really wonderful weather for about a week, so I am glad I got the hubs to dig out the camera.

Now that my creative mojo is slowly returning, I've got some, hopefully interesting posts lined up, so don't give up on this blog just yet!

Still alive

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I know, I know, I promised I would not disappear again for days on end. But sometimes, the best laid plans....well don't quite work out. My last weeks and especially weekends have consisted mostly of this:

And certainly not enough of this:

Right now, I am not even sure where exactly my knitting needles are. And to be honest, as much as my fingers are itching to pick up a nice calming knitting project, I am completely exhausted, and can barely picture getting up tomorrow morning and facing a new drive to work and a new schedule, more boxes to unpack and things to put away.
But it's all good, it's all very good. I am super-excited about this fresh beginning.