Summer days

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Once again I’ve been absent from the blog for a prolonged period of time. Summer has gotten in the way of regular blogging and to be honest I cannot say that I feel too guilty about it. Summer is so short around here, and a good, sunny, warm summer SO rare, that we take every opportunity to be outside, live it, experience it, savour it. These weeks are so crammed full of activities, that I barely have time to think , not to mention compose a blog post.

Still, I did not want to neglect my blog for too long, so let me assure you that there’s been knitting. A light, fun, cardi for girls that’s the perfect cover-up for chilly summer evenings. And it’s got the perfect name, “Ice cream sundae”. 

It’s no wonder it inspired me to make Watermelon popsicles, sit out on the patio, soak up the sunshine, watch the kids play and knit away.

Our next couple of weeks will be filled with more of the same, as well as preparations for our vacation. Two glorious weeks in Portugal await! And now if you’ll excuse me, the popsicles are melting.