Embracing your Heritage

Monday, August 25, 2014

In my last blog post, I shared a glimpse of my childhood, and this stroll down memory lane sparked some ideas. It's funny how that happens.

In looking at old photos I came across pictures of us wearing traditional Romanian folk costumes. We all had at least a dress or a top growing up. I realized that I never appreciated their beauty when I was younger, but I now see how intricately beautiful and special they are. These costumes are world famous for their embroidery patterns. 

It came to me that these embroidery patterns would look great as knitting patterns as well. So I started sketching out a few possibilities, and I really like the result.

You may have noticed that I have had baby on the brain for months now, but at the same time knitting, so it was only natural that at one point the two would intersect. 

My daughter is at the wonderful age when she is starting to notice things around her. She is especially fascinated by high contrasts, like black and white images. So it dawned on me....I could knit up something for her featuring these Romanian inspired images.

I am not sure what to call the end result. I suppose you can call them a crib mobile?

I attached them to the inside of the bumper and I have to say, Sienna loves looking at them. helped me practice my stranded knitting!


  1. I am starting to look at folk costumes for inspiration - especially for cross-stitching so cannot wait to see the inspiration you find from your childhood.

    1. I have asked my mom to see if she can maybe find a book in Romania she ca send me...

  2. When I was in elementary school I had to do a presentation on a country, and since my family is also from Romania, I did something on that, and even had the full outfit to do it in. I remember it so well. I'll have to see if my mom has pictures somewhere, because I know I had to present it to parents in the evening after school. I remember the top & skirt, with all beautiful stitchery (embroidery) on it. I wonder if my mother still has the outfit. Glad the Sienna likes all the designs!

    1. Oh, I would love to see those photos! Aidan and Sienna each have a costume...