Learning Colorwork

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a week! Oh, what a week! I was on my own with A. for two weeks, as hubby is exploring the Orient for work (poor him, I know).
You may remember that I was looking forward to a knitting course at this wonderful little yarn store called Espace Tricot. I’ve never knitted a two-color project, and I felt it was time to learn a new skill. To my delight I saw that they had a colorwork course scheduled and I thought to myself, what better way to spend a snowy March evening than in a cozy little store surrounded by a myriad of colorful yarn, books and all kinds of knitting gadgets, and in the company of fellow knitters intent on acquiring a new skill? So I signed up.
The plan was to photograph the whole experience and tell you all about it. Well, unfortunately, 10 rows into my knitted swatch I got a phone-call from my baby-sitter, that my son was not feeling well and I better rush home. Which of course I did, and it turned out that A. had a pretty bad case of gastro. Now, a week later, he’s recovered and is back to his usual mischief.
So I finished my little swatch at home, and I can say that I now know the basics of Intarsia, but that’s about it. Then again, not bad for an hour, right? I am hoping that soon enough there’ll be another course I can sign up for because there is so much more I want to learn!


  1. Looks wonderful- I *love* colorwork. What are those beautiful colored pencils I see??

  2. Thank you Melynda. I've seen examples of your colorwork, the matching mitts for yourself and Elise and teh Dale of Norway Christmas outfit were beautiful. I hope that some day soon I;ll be able to also make something like that! In the meantine, the pencils are from Omer des Serres (in Montreal they are the one-stop shop for any crafting supplies you need), not sure what the equivalent would be for you.

  3. Beautiful Monica - love the photograph of that gorgeous heart as well.

  4. Beautiful colorwork Monica! It's being really pleasant come to your blog and see what you have to share with us!

  5. adorable ! and it looks so nice on the paper too

    ps : I agree with the first commenter : cool pencils !