Portuguese Shores progress

Monday, April 3, 2017

I’ve been really enjoying working on my Shore cardigan. I look forward to the evening hours when I can plop on the couch grab my project and knit away while enjoying an episode of my latest Netflix addiction.

Don’t you love it when you are working on a project and every time you dedicate yourself to it, you notice a visible ‘grow spurt”? It’s so satisfying. Of course all this “mindless” knitting can result in a blunder or two. I was lulled into such a good rhythm that I just knitted away without thinking, only realizing too late that I should have tried on my cardigan before finishing the hem. Because when I did, I realized that the model wearing the cardigan in the picture and I are not the same proportions. 

Ripping out 25cm of a project is never pleasant, but unfortunately necessary in certain situations. Luckily I quickly recovered from my mistake and have now even finished both sleeves (no 2nd sleeve syndrome here) and I am about to  start on the neck and button band. 

I cannot wait to give this knit a proper bath and block and then, weather permitting, find the perfect location for some nice photographs.