Great beginnings

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I’ve had this glamorous image of what blogging is. I’ve pictured sitting in front of a cool laptop, at my favorite desk, with a steaming cup of tea or coffee, maybe a bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers next to me, gazing out at a beautiful view. The thoughts are just coming to me and the words are simply flowing, I am being witty and entertaining.
Well, the setting is not exactly what I pictured, but at least I have the cup of tea. As for the thoughts, we’ll have to see, right?
So no more delaying, no more finding excuses to wait for my first post. This is it.
This will be a blog about my artistic endeavors. I’ve decided I need a creative outlet, and as it turns out I am pretty good at knitting. It’s relaxing and I get a great sense of accomplishment from finishing a project. So I am armed with a stack of patterns and I have a million ideas whizzing around in my head.
Let knitmania begin!!

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  1. i did not know you were such a great writer !!!! seriously!! so proud of you!