A little touch of sunshine

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I needed a quick, "sunny", project to focus on in order to forget about all the snow outside. This pattern I found on the "Purl bee" website seemed like the right challenge. It features a basic lace pattern, called "climbing trellis lace", which I had never tried before. It took a few tries, but with a little help from the internet it's worked out. I ended up learning three new basic techniques, the lace pattern, i-cord and the kitchener stitch.
I'm really pleased with the result. This is a great, practical little tote-bag. I can see it being used for groceries, as a beach-bag, to hold books, yarns, toys, really anything, it's very versatile.It also has a bit of a European flair I find, and I love that.

So now all I am missing is a ticket to the Bahamas so I can throw a bikini, a book, sunscreen and a hat into this bag and relax on a beach .....and forget about winter.


  1. This is sunny indeed - wonderful colours - happy just looking at this :-)))

  2. Thank you! And Christine, can I just mention that I woke up to a temperature of -22 Celsius
    (-30 with the windchill) this morning??

  3. I love the summer colors you've used!!
    Maybe, one day, I'll try with knits and yarns! Love your blog!