Flowerpots need sleeves too

Sunday, March 27, 2011

So I don't have any words of wisdom, no particular insights, no funny story for you today. I'm still waiting for spring but it seems I still have a long wait ahead.

I am planning to plant some flowers on our patio, to buy a new umbrella and coloeful pillows. I have this image of warm and sunny afternoons spent there, enjoying a glass of lemonade, my needles clicking away. That's not too much to ask, is it?

In the meantime, inspired yet again by Debbie Bliss' "The Knitter's Year", I made these three flowerpot sleeves. They just looked cute

Trying to phtograph this FO, I was wrapped in my parka, with my gloves and hat on, hoping the set-up would not get blown away by the -20C wind.

So really, under these weather-conditions, flowerpots DO need sleeves!


  1. Hello Monica!

    This is, after all, a funny story :)

    well, flowerpot sleeves are unusual here in Portugal. The ones you have knitted are very beautiful! What flowers are you planning to plant? Lavender would match perfectly!

  2. To be honest Andreia, flowerpot sleeves are a little unusual here too, but they were fun to whip up. You know what? Lavender never occured to me, but it makes perfect sense...lavender plants it will be!

  3. Cute cozies for those flowerpots!

  4. they're pretty !
    no wonder the cups were cold (-20 ?) holly cow and on March 27 ?!!
    I was roasting myself in the sun with tank top & barefoot at naptime today !!!
    i hope you'll have milder temperatures your way real soon

  5. Siga, thank you, and welcome!

    Valerie, I really was not exaggerating, it was -20 at the end of March, thank goodness it's over....