Easter Recap

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I hope your Easter celebration was merry, filled with happy moments and good food.
I thought for today’s post I would share how I prepared for my family’s Easter. I find that with each passing year I am more and more inclined to include hand-made gifts and decorations in our holiday celebrations. There are so many inspiring ideas out there, so many great tutorials that I have to at least try.
I wanted to do something special for everyone coming over. Last year I had baked sugar cookies and gave everyone their own tin, so this year, when I saw this idea, I knew it was the perfect thing. I mean a pie baked in a jar? How perfectly cute is that? As I am a collector at heart I had enough jars gathered to bake a pie for everyone. The pies were super-easy to prepare and if I do say so myself delicious! I think everyone who sampled it agrees.
For the wrapping I followed a tutorial found on Creature Comforts (a great resource), that shows you how to make your own greeting cards with wasi tape, but I made tags instead of cards. I loved how they came out, and it’s such a great idea that I think I may just make my own Christmas cards too (it’s all about planning ahead, right?).

As for the Easter eggs, I had promised myself I was going to use natural dyes, first because I am trying to make our household as “green” as possible, and second it was Earth day after all. I followed this tutorial and the results were great.
I am constantly wishing for more time, and if next year I have it, I want to try the egg-o-gram, it’s adorable!
That’s it for me, on to more knitting!

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