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Saturday, May 14, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my knitting projects.  I’ve been working on some orders and they seem to be taking me forever. You know, those knits that you’ve done a few times, and at this point kind of bore you. ..but I am almost done.
I did make time however to make a little something for my adorable niece, a headband. Doesn’t she look adorable wearing it?

It’s my first step towards designing my own patterns. I realize I still have a long way to go, but you gotta start somewhere right? I used 100% cotton yarn by Phildar. The band itself is a basic garter-stitch, about 8 rows of it, which makes it a bit elastic, enough to fit snugly around her head.  I sewed the ends together, but I am wondering if it is not smarter to make it a bit longer, add about 20 more stitches, and add snaps to accommodate different size heads. What do you think?  The little flower you see is an adapted pattern by Debbie Bliss, from her book “The Knitter’s Year”. She actually describes how to make a pin. I think it looks adorable, and I am planning to make some for the shop. I have already had a request from a friend to make several of these as she is planning to give them as gifts at her daughter’s birthday party.
So what's the verdict?


  1. I love it Monica!!! Go ahead!

  2. Hey Mon! Beautiful picture and beautiful headband!

  3. i'd like one too maybe in yellow for summer :)

  4. It's beautiful - as is your niece. A great idea as treats for a birthday party. Hope your work is done soon so you'll have time to play again :-)

  5. Totally adorable!!
    Love the color and...
    ... what a cute princess!! :D

  6. Monica,
    this is adorable. i love it!!