Random Thoughts

Sunday, April 22, 2012

One morning, this week, as my husband took A. into daycare, I was left alone in the car for a few minutes.

It was quiet, well, almost, I turned the radio off and listened to the birds chirping. The trees are finally budding and the hedges are starting to turn green. I saw a squirrel running along a wire against a steely-blue, almost lavender sky. The wind was pretty strong and had blown the neighbour's gate open, so their giant poodle was happily roaming the front yard.

It's such a common picture, but it gave me tremendous pleasure to watch. This sense of calm overcame me, a true ..ahhhhhhh moment.

Spring is such a happy, positive, invigorating time. It makes me think of all my projects and plans, and their progress. Now that things are settling down, I am finding renewed energy to continue working on my stash for the Craft Market I am planning on participating in. So here's a picture of what I worked on in the past few weeks.


  1. those colors! Can't wait to see all the goodies you are knitting up!

  2. It looks wonderful, and soft. Aaahhh, I'll second that ...