Craft Fair - a weekend captured on Instagram

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ever since I visited the POP Puces market last year, I have been toying with the idea of signing up for a craft fair. But it seemed like such an intimidating endeavor, to open oneself up for criticism, to allow people to see my passion and "judge" it.

But I had to try. In the end, I decided   POP was perhaps too big a bite for me for a first try, so when my son's daycare organized a fair this past weekend, to raise funds for the kid's activities and shows, I was game.

I had 2 months to prepare. This may sound like plenty of time, but considering that I work full-time, and that my husband often travels for work, this only results in a couple of hours of knitting time per night. Still, I threw myself headfirst into the project and did manage to whip up quite a few knits. I focused on simple hats, neck warmers and scarves in kid's sizes, some cup-cozies, Christmas ornaments and felted bowls.

I was immensely proud of my stash. I scoured Pinterest for display and packaging ideas, and exchanged ideas with knitter extraordinaire Rebecca from the blog nook. Friday night I tested my set-up, put together an endless list of things to remember, and went to sleep, anxiously awaiting the next morning.
How can I describe the experience? It was wonderful to meet talented and like-minded people, that I can exchange ideas and stories with. I am always amazed at the wealth of ideas out there, and at how warm, welcoming and helpful the crafting community is.

The event itself, was unfortunately not a roaring success. Not even a mild one to be honest. I was disappointed to see, that despite everyone's efforts, almost none of the 140 families that bring their kids to this daycare showed up. I do not mean to sound whiny, but as a mother, I find it hard to understand that some parents do not take an interest in what goes on at their child's daycare, or what problems the daycare faces. These funds would have been invested in extra activities, as well as outfitting the center with more books and supplies. Who would not want that? Either way, I learned quite a bit, and I am grateful for that.

Regardless of the outcome, I am really happy that I participated and that I had this experience. I will certainly sign up for other fairs, I think I am ready!

I leave you with a few Instagram snapshots of the event.


  1. what a beautiful table! you were busy! it really is too bad that the outcome wasen't bigger. that being said, you have a fantastic start to your next market! congratulations on taking the step! and hurrah for meeting so many more like minded crafters! well done! xoxo

  2. Must such a great even to be involved in!

  3. It's funny that we both just did our first fairs! For me the main thing was to just finally give it a try and I'm VERY happy I did! It was worth it and I'm excited to try it again soon - maybe just not outdoors for 2 8-hour days in the freezing cold!!(we had a small heater :)) Your knitted wares look very lovely, Monica. I did the same thing you did - set up my items in a "dress rehearsal" at home. :) Happy Holidays!