Friday, February 22, 2013

Something wonderful happened this week. I made some new friends! And not just any kind of friends, but knit and yarn obsessed friends!

Let me tell you how this came about. A friend of mine, a non-knitter that patiently listens to me prattle on and on about my projects, noticed a group of knitters sitting at Starbucks. She decided that they looked friendly enough to approach, so she went up to them and inquired about the possibility of adding a new member to their group. As knitters are indeed a very friendly bunch, they of course said the more the merrier and gave my friend their contact details.

After being embarrassed at first, I had to admit that I was thrilled at the idea of having my own knitting posse! So I sent out a message and went to my first knit-night yesterday!

I had a blast. They are the most welcoming group of people. We had coffee, and chatted knits, kids and obsessions, I could have stayed for hours!

I cannot wait for the next meeting.

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