"Mommy to Bee" Party

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This weekend we celebrated the impending arrival of my sister's second baby. It was a wonderful celebration, the house filled with friends, happy to see each other and  to be able to catch up. 

We had good food, good humor and good company.

I have written before about my uncle's beekeeping hobby, and what a big part of my childhood it was. My sister was my uncle's biggest helper, she was always by his side, asking to understand what he was doing and to help. Needless to say that just like me she has a soft-spot for honey and bees.

So of course, our theme for this party guesses it! Bees!! As in "Mother to Bee" or "Baby to Bee". 

I had a lot of fun putting together decorations and researching ideas for the party. I chose a happy, yellow theme, with flowers and happily buzzing bees (not real ones of course). I set up an improvised photo-booth, for us to make silly faces, we had outfits for my sister, her daughter and the new baby, created by a very talented friend of hers, an adorable diaper cake and tons of gifts. Since this is an incredibly talented bunch of ladies, another friend made this incredible bee-hive cake which tasted as good as it looked.

In my house , no celebration is complete without a hand-knit gift, so I made this for the new baby.

Next post I have to tell you about our activity, it was the most fun thing I have done in a long time.


  1. So lovely! You decorations and theme and the cake and the tiny knitted sweater, so very sweet. Best wishes for the mama and baby "to-bee" - it's an exciting time!

    1. Thank you Karen, it is, and so often the second baby does not get the same attention as the first, so we are trying to make sure to avoid sister is the second-born, so she knows first-hand what that's like ;-)

  2. So adorable and the baby's sweater came out beautifully!!!!!!!!

    Woooooooooooooohoooooooooooo ;)


    1. Thanks Vicki, and thank you for the Woooooooo as well ;-)