Honey Hat

Saturday, February 27, 2016

I desperately wish for spring. My Instagram feed is showing me glimpses of blooming trees, budding branches, sunshine and warm days. Looking out my window all I see are branches encased in ice, and the weather forecast promises more of the same. 

How does one keep happy and motivated under such circumstances? There's always getting away, or planning summer vacation, complete with a countdown to said vacation. Or chasing  a patch of sun across the house, that is, IF the sun ever shows up. In absence of sunlight, you can always load up on vitamin D. Retreating to the couch with a giant mug of tea and a good book.

My cure? Not surprisingly... knitting. I decided to focus on a quick project, something that, at the same time, would use up some yarn in my stash. Instant gratification if you will. You can never have too many hats! So I chose to make the Honey Hat, a pattern which was especially written for this yarn.

As a side note, I rarely end up using the called-for yarn in a pattern, which is a risky endeavour, I know, and I usually obsess over the result, question if I have made the right choice, if there would have been a better choice… you get the idea. I guess this could be a good experiment. Knit up something in the yarn suggested in the pattern, and then experiment with other yarns. Oh, if I only had the time!

But back to my hat. It is a fantastically quick knit, an easy pattern to memorize, and turns out a lovely hat. I love this shade of plum, and the fact that it brings a little pop of colour to predominantly gray days.


  1. Both the pattern and the color are lovely!

  2. It's just gorgeous, and would perfectly match a grey day ; )