Happy Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I had this idea of knitting adorable little hearts in preparation for Valentine’s Day. I even thought it would be cute for A. to take them to daycare for his little girlfriends (yes, plural, not girlfriend, but girlfriends). But after about an hour of trying to knit 6 stitches with 4 needles and dropping them, retrying, twisting the whole thing, retrying, dropping the needles again, having a glass of wine, starting from scratch only to lose a needle again, I decided that baking is the way to go!
Maybe next year I will give it another try knitting hearts. I ended up finding some patterns that look promising. After all, it is important to know when to quit, right?
Since I am a food network addict, and a compulsive list-maker, I have a collection of recipes I am planning to try. It was not at all hard to narrow it down to a red-velvet cupcake recipe by Chuck Hughes, star of the show “Chuck’s Day off”.
Armed with new confidence and with the support of my 3-year old assistant baker I got to work.
The recipe is very simple, and it took us no time to make the batter. We watched with anticipation as the cupcakes began to rise.  Because I had naively ignored the instruction of only filling the cupcake mold half-way, my first batch, I must confess, looks more like a muffin than a cupcake, but thank heavens the taste did not suffer. I ended up redeeming myself with the second batch.
One cupcake had to cool off immediately in front of the open window so that my impatient son could sample it right away, and the verdict was in…..delicious!!!!
With some high-calorie frosting and red-colored sugar, here is the end-result.

In the end I think that A.’s girlfriends will probably prefer these Valentine’s Day gifts anyway.


  1. They look delicious indeed! Beautiful photos Monica!

  2. oooh they look yummy! I hope that my heart pattern works better than the one you tried - but it looks like your alternative was sweet success

  3. Thank you Anne, it was a success, I can not complain. I probably won't wait till next year to try your pattern. I'll let you know how they turn out. Thank you for sharing them. I hope that one day I will be able to write my own patterns as well.

  4. mmh they look delicious ! i couldn't eat them due to gluten but i have my eyes on the yummy frosting & sprinkles ! I said I was not into valentine but this is the type of Valentine stuff i will never say no to !