Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I had a wonderful surprise this week! Christine from Denmark has been following my blog and awarded me the below distinction!!

Words cannot describe how honored and thrilled I am to be acknowledged this way!  To know that other people, across the world, read my posts and enjoy them is very exciting. Of course I knew my friends all love my blog (how could they say otherwise ;-)?), but to know that other people, people I do not personally know, read my posts and appreciate them is awesome!
I was giddy and annoyingly happy all day.
So now it’s my turn to pay it forward and mention 3 inspiring blogs. I have to say it’s hard to narrow it down, so I decided to go with 3 knitting blogs I enjoy following immensely, they are FPK, a friend to knit with and Tricotaria.
Now here are 3 random facts about me:
#1. I just got a Kindle and loaded it with over 100 classics (when will I ever find the time to read all this?)
#2. I have registered for a kitting course @ Espace Tricot (I know, shocking, I am not all knowing.... at least not when it comes to knitting….)
#3. I am addicted to the Food Network.
Once again, Thank You Christine, you made my day!


  1. Monica- thanks so much for the shout out! Your blog is great (and now in my google Reader). Can't wait to see what you make next :)

  2. I'm jealous of your new kindle and I'm addicted to the food network too. One more thing, I think you should stop by my blog. I have an awesome giveaway going on.


  3. isn't she the best !!!!
    ( monica i mean ;:)
    You are a great person and now other people are seeing it!!!

    a proud sister !

  4. Melynda, thanks for stopping by! As to following the blog, the same goes for me, can't wait to see what else baby FPK will wear!

  5. Sorana....hihihi, thanks, people will think I am paying you to praise me!

  6. haha :-)) I'm a huuuge fan of food tv also. The main reason we don't have all the channels on our tv, is if I had Food Network I wouldn't get ANYTHING done - no work, nothing! :-))) I'd just watch telly all the time :-)))
    Love your facts. Love that you now have over 100 classics on your Kindle :-) Wonderful!