Me time - Knitter's Frolic 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016

We all need “me” time. Mother or not, it’s healthy and revitalizing to carve out a time to indulge in one’s own interests. Be it reading, working out, meeting friends, sleeping, knitting, if you take this time to yourself, you will return rested and refueled. You may feel guilty about it, and I often do, but I have come to really understand how healthy it is to have this “me” time.

Last weekend, four of us piled into a minivan with a giant sheep sticker on the side and headed to Toronto for our annual visit to Knitter’s Frolic. Annual is an exaggeration, as it was only my second time attending, but I can see it becoming a yearly tradition. (I blogged about my first time at Frolic here)

It was a knit and wool filled weekend, with chats, planning, laughs and a few glasses of wine. I had a blast, and it flew by!

We arrived a day early and our friend Jen took us to Romni Wools. I spent an hour walking around the store in a daze, picking up skeins and whining the whole time that I had no idea what to choose. In the end I left without having bought anything. Sad, but true. My indecisiveness continued the next day at Frolic. 

I found the Marketplace overwhelming. Maybe because I went in without a plan. Who has not felt disoriented when faced with booths and booths of yarn. Oh, SO MUCH YARN! Am I the only one? 

In the end I forced myself to make a decision, and ended up with a kit to make the Sashiko Cowl, 2 skeins of Sweet Georgia, that I am earmarking for Rheinlust by Melanie Berg and a lovely project bag from Sweet Fiber.  

In the afternoon we had signed up for a class with Bristol Ivy. A class on knitting on the bias, which turned out to be much easier than I thought. I found Bristol to be an incredibly confident and lovely teacher. The class felt like a sit-down with friends, we chatted, we knit, we experimented and learned something new. Perfection, right?

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  1. oh, amazing! I find that I tend to get yarn buying paralyses as well, unless I'm shopping with certain projects in mind. I didn't make it to the Frolic this year, I keep meaning to go and take some classes because I have never taken any knitting classes of any kind and I feel I'd learn so much... but this was not that year. Maybe next year! I bet Bristol Ivy was a dream, she seems so very personable.