Monday, May 2, 2016

I have been in a pretty dark mood lately. mostly because of the unpleasant weather we've been having. So I needed a distraction. What better way to change one's mood then to embark on a project with a tight deadline?

A few weeks ago Hannah Fettig started the #wewearknitbot  challenge. The idea was to knit up and style any of her patterns by April 10th. I had the perfect project in mind. 

The Bayside pullover is a pattern I started, and I am ashamed to admit this, in July 2014. I had to eventually set it aside because it turned out way too large, at least a couple of sizes too big, and at that time I was too upset to deal with having to re-knit it. 

Hannah's challenge brought the knit back from obscurity and to the forefront of my knitting queue. It felt like the right time to tackle this project.

I thought that Hannah's request to "style" a hand-knit was a great idea. There has been such a fantastic movement toward an awareness of handmade items, towards an appreciation of hand-crafted clothes, and it is great to see everyone's style shine through.

I myself have become more and more conscious of my fashion choices, and think about where my clothes come from, who's made them and how. 

"Wewearknitbot" was about taking a handmade item and celebrating it by creating an outfit around it. A great idea, right? I have been trying to do something very similar with my "Style- a- knit" series of knits. Granted I am only on knit # 1, but my point is that great minds think alike, you know?

I absolutely loved seeing the fashion show that ensued. If you are curious, you can see all the posts on Hannah's blog here.

I am really happy with my finished pullover. Now all I need is for spring to cooperate so that I can wear it. 


  1. your new bayside pullover looks awesome!! Love the colour, it looks so good on you.

    1. Thank you Julie, it is one of my favourite colours, I have to admit. And the linen is perfect for this pattern as well.

  2. I have that pattern. Yours inspire me. I think the smaller version would be great for my daughter. I'll look it up! Great look! I like your new blog too.

    1. Thank you Maryse, glad you like the project, the blog, everything :-)