Wool @ Home - Dining Room

Sunday, June 19, 2016

My quest to include, or add a nod to my love of wool and knitting to every room of the house continues. I recently talked about my project to use up leftover yarn by adding a pom-pom garland to my daughter’s room. It’s still a crowd-pleaser, and my son asked for one as well, albeit in his favorite hockey team’s colors. I will of course  oblige. 

His interest in my knitting and wool-related stuff is really contained to his appreciation of this garland, I do not believe I will make him into a knitter, and I am ok with that. I may have another chance with my daughter. Her favourite animal? 

Sheep! I know, you can congratulate me on a job well done, thank you. But to be honest, this was all her, I did not consciously influence her. Maybe it’s because they are all white and fluffy, maybe it’s because “BAAA” is easy to pronounce, in any case, sheep it’s where it’s at with her! And I am loving every minute of it. 

This has prompted my decision to also knit her a sheep toy, and I have my eye on this pattern, but that’s a topic for another post.

Today I would like to present you with our dining room decoration that includes, in a very prominent place, my sheep calendar. When I first glimpsed the preview on Ashley’s blog ,“Woolful” I was hooked. I missed her first shop update, but thankfully was able to snatch a copy when she restocked. It is beautifully illustrated by Emily Fratson with watercolor drawings of different breeds of sheep and dye plants. 

It watches over us as we have dinner, cook and do homework. Sienna loves pointing at it and yelling “BAAAA”, and her excitement when the picture changes every month is adorable.

I am really  enjoying the is process of adding little touches of wool related goodness to our home. Cannot wait to show you what else I've got.


  1. oh wow, I haven't seen that calendar before, it's beautiful!! I wish I had known about that before, i totally would have got one. And that's so awesome your son wants a pom pom garland, too!

    1. It's a great one! I am hoping Ashley makes a 2017 version! I was really surprised at Aidan's request for pom-poms, I think this is sibling rivalry in the making...