Going Home

Monday, June 6, 2016


When someone asks me about “home”, I find it hard pinpointing where that is for me. Is it the place I grew up? The place that has turned me into who I am today? Or is it the place I have now lived for the majority of my life, the place I became an adult, a mother, a wife?

Can “home” be more than one place? In my case, that is probably true. Parts of me feel at home and grounded back in Romania where I grew up, where my oldest memories formed. Memories that become vivid every time I visit. I have not been back to Bucharest in nearly 10 years. Ten years is a lifetime. I finally returned a couple of weeks ago.  As soon as I stepped off that airplane it was as if I never left. I took a deep breath and I felt peace. Strange how certain places can have that effect on you.

The reason for my long overdue visit was my grandmother. Her health has deteriorated significantly over the last few months and it felt important to make an effort to go, giver her something to look forward to. It was emotional, and sad, but I am incredibly happy that I went.
Besides the time spent with my Oma, my days were filled with rediscovering the town, and reconnecting with friends. 

Bucharest is a city filled with contradictions. Old and new, clean and dirty,  modern and traditional, tacky and stylish. It’s all those things at once.

I barely scratched the surface in the 4 days I spent there. I wish I could have stayed longer. Hopefully it will not be another decade before I go back.

Here are a few images I captured while there.

Old books for sale near University square.

Little hidden alleys.

Parisian inspired architecture.

The amazing Carturesti bookstore

Beautiful building details are everywhere.

The yard of the Farmer's Museum hosts this miniature church.

Lots of potential

More charming corners.

Abandoned places waiting to be rediscovered.

What hides behind these gates?

Not a lot of places in Bucharest offer this kind of view.

Calea Victoriei.

Cafe's ad restaurants abound.

On my way home.

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  1. oh wow, such beautiful photos! I agree with you that home can be many places, especially when you move away from where you grew up. I hope your grandmother is doing better!

    1. Thank you Julie, she's a tough cookie, holding on.